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I started out at a larger PR firm and couldn't even get a returned call. Mere Words Media is boutique in size, which allows for one-on-one attention and an impressive level of results. I am thrilled at the amount of press MWM has secured in such a short amount of time, and I am confident that we will achieve all of our PR goals.

-- Timberly Whitfield
Hallmark Channel's New Morning

We first met Mr. Avery in 1994 when he was a freelance journalist and wrote a review of Vince Bell's first CD. We have maintained a personal and professional relationship with him for close to 15 years, and hired him immediately upon hearing that he was turning his expert hand to publicity. Creative and very, very good at what he does do not seem to be enough to say about this man of great personal integrity.

-- Sarah Wrightson

Kevin was unfamiliar with the fraud prevention field, but he was more than willing to dive in headfirst and learn. Beyond that, he also consulted with us about how to improve our website and its content, and used his resources to put us in touch with a talented web designer.
-- Joe Palermo
Fraud Prevention Solutions, LLC

As a health counselor and writer diving into the freelance world for the first time, I found Kevin tremendously helpful in figuring out how best to refine my message and presenting me and my work in a professional way. Thanks to Kevin, I have my first freelance assignment.

Kevin not only goes the extra mile, he pulls you across the finish line with him!
-- Peter Lappin
Holistic Health Counselor
Vibrant Living NYC

Kevin is a dream to work with. Not only did he pitch a celebrity story that was the right fit for my magazine, he gave me plenty of background material on his client and made the interview happen in record time. He did such a good job conveying what I was looking for to his client that she came to the interview with exactly the anecdotes I needed to put together a great story.

-- Amy Wong
Positive Thinking

As a writer, one of the most challenging parts of putting together a well written article is obtaining credible research. When I worked with Kevin Avery, while writing up a 2,000-word profile on one of his celebrity clients, Kevin not only compiled every pertinent piece of research that I needed to write up the article, but he also seemed to anticipate my every need.

Throughout the entire process of writing the article, he was always available to answer any questions I had in an incredibly timely manner. Kevin is also a brilliant editor, and it was wonderful to have him in my corner, editing the article, picking up on even the tiniest of nuances in my writing.

I truly can't say enough about what a competent professional he was to work with. I truly felt like, as I was writing the article, he and I were working together as a team.

I look forward to working with him again in the future and would strongly recommend his services as a publicist, editor, writer and a generally great guy to prospective clients.

-- Melissa Chapman
Freelance Writer
The Staten Island Advance,
Lifestyles Magazine, and

Kevin is creative and energetic! He can help anyone interested in marketing their writing, music, acting, or other entertainment careers, and prosper through the network of associates with whom he has developed strong relationships. He is always fair, honest, and aggressive when it comes to representing your material.

-- Mark Meyer
Lead Vocalist and Lead Guitarist
Grasp Infinity

Kevin was extraordinarily professional and pleasant to work with. He most certainly had the best interest of his client (whom I was featuring) in mind, but was also very attuned to my needs as a writer. Whenever I requested follow-up information, he made sure I had exactly what I needed. His obvious detail-oriented nature allowed him to anticipate some of my initial needs--so he sent press packets and other materials before I requested them. It was a pleasure to work with Kevin.
-- Alison Goldstein
Media Relations Associate/Assistant Editor
B'nai B'rith Magazine

Kevin pitched a very good celebrity story. He got it written on time, at the right length, and with a great photo. What more could an editor ask for?

-- Stephen Kiesling
Spirituality & Health

Kevin Avery was great to work with: both flexible and easygoing, but persistent and on top of things. It was a pleasure working with Mere Words Media Relations.
-- Vanessa Valkin
Lifestyles Magazine

Kevin was incredibly helpful in terms of facilitating an interview with his client. Also, when I needed additional reporting from his client, he was more than happy to help me obtain the information. For an editor under deadline pressure, it's always wonderful to work with a publicist who is happy to make an interview happen quickly.

-- Kathy Ritchie
Associate Editor
Child Magazine

I worked with Kevin last year on a health and fitness package that required a lot of information and details from his client. He was prompt, efficient and made the package shine as a result of his attention to important details. His diligence made it possible for me to meet tight deadlines on my end.
-- Lynette Holloway
Associate Editor
Johnson Publishing Company

Kevin is very results-oriented and, when it comes to tackling an assignment, he isn't afraid to think outside the proverbial box. As a speechwriter, he dug deep into the necessary background material and produced a speech that reflected not only his knowledge of the subject but also his sense of humor.
-- Mary Sebastiani
Senior Producer
Lightworks-KPI Productions

Kevin was very professional and eager to work with me on an upcoming interview with his client Timberly Whitfield. He persisted when contact slipped by the wayside and the outcome was fantastic -- we got his client on the front cover of Lifescape. He went that extra step farther, sending items in the post and calling me from America to make life easier.
-- Alexia Weeks
Features, Fashion, and Beauty Editor
Lifescape magazine

Kevin Avery's style and professionalism impressed me so much I married him. Best decision I ever made!
-- Deborah Avery
New York Executive Coaching

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