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These are just a few of the amazing people whom we've had the pleasure of working with to garner the attention they deserve. We truly couldn't have done it without them.

Timberly TIMBERLY WHITFIELD, Talk Show Host and TV Personality

"It's somewhat ironic that Whitfield has become such a natural on TV, considering she grew up in Africa without a TV in the household."

-- Jet Magazine

"While her name may not be in the echelon of popular celebrities just yet, Timberly Whitfield, a luminous television personality and an aspiring actress, is a woman on the verge of stardom."

-- Lifestyles Magazine

VINCE BELL, Singer/Songwriter and Author

"He writes songs about his life, and when I listen to Vince's songs, I want to know about the person singing the songs. I think that's what great songs do."

-- Lyle Lovett

"From all of us who were beating the paths around Texas in the Seventies, I always felt Vince was the best of us."

-- Nanci Griffith

Deb DEBORAH AVERY, Executive and Personal Coach

"Deborah is a sagacious adviser, astute observer, and she has a keen ear for detail. Those qualities, combined with her ability to diplomatically discuss and identify potentially sensitive topics, make her an ideal executive coach."

-- Peter Tuffey

"Deborah can help you map a strategy to build the future you desire."

-- Arty Storch


"Dawn Houghton writes with the mind and heart of a poet...."

-- Ann Cannon

"...there is an immediacy and directness that I admire and that prompts me to look at my surroundings as if through a window that was just washed entirely clean."

-- Malena Morling

Peter PETER LAPPIN, Holistic Health Counselor

"During my six months working with Peter I managed to reach my goal weight, learn new and exciting foods and activities to use in my daily life, and I became more confident with myself and my body."

-- Dana, gallery director

"....a patient, nonjudgmental, open, intuitive, unconventional counselor...."

-- Jillian, personal assistant


"This was a life-changing experience... Winifred's artistry crystallized an inner spirit of beauty, sexuality, and joy of creative energy which I can now wear on the outside."

-- Kimberly King, Actress

"I would recommend that every woman take time to do this and celebrate her womanhood."

-- Audra Hanson

Palermo JOE PALERMO, Fraud Prevention Specialist

"An awesome product that nobody thinks they need. But it's like medicine--and there are a lot of sick people out there who are being duped every day... Joe Palermo is the John Walsh of fraud: He was a victim, and now he's coming out to make sure nobody else gets victimized."

-- Barry Minkow, Fraud Discovery Institute


"Soldier by day and writer by night, Rhonda Lawson is serving both her country and the hearts of readers."

-- The Urban Book Source

"Deftly written by Rhonda M. Lawson, Putting It Back Together is a memorable and highly recommended read focused on the lives of three successful yet incomplete people played out against the backdrop of a city determined to emerge from the ruination of Hurricane Katrina into an even better version of itself for the future."

-- Midwest Book Review

Natalie NATALIE HOLDER-WINFIELD, Employment Lawyer and Author

"This is the first book we've been able to give clients and candidates to better understand their cultural challenges in the workplace and find practical solutions."

-- Brandon Gutman, Stephen-Bradford Search

"...an easy-to-follow guidebook through the complex and controversial issues of diversity in the workforce. Written in a straightforward and practical style..."

-- Kevin McEvoy, Professor of Marketing, University of Connecticut

JAMEL THOMAS, Professional Basketball Player, Author, Motivational Speaker, Actor

"Former college star and NBA role player Jamel Thomas puts his memories on paper in an emotional new book."

-- SLAM Magazine

"When you think of Jamel Thomas, chances are you think of a basketball player who has the ability to soar high above the rim ...can knock down three-pointers with ease... and runs the floor like a gazelle. Chances are you don't think of an author. Think again"

-- Scout

Lorelie LORELEI CARLSON, Singer/Songwriter

"When you go through and look at hundreds of striving artists everyday as I do and you see a profile of a young lady, you automatically think, 'Another bubblegum pop artist!' Even though there are hundreds of talented artists out there, they always seem to be lacking, either in originality or maturity. Then you come across one that catches your attention: one that is so original in style, talent, and maturity that you have to take notice. Lorelei Carlson is one of those rare artists."

-- NU Jams!


"Traci Davis and Vicki Holleman-Perez have written a book that covers most of a mother's questions. The Momma Guide covers assisting with health problems, depression, divorce, death, and a variety of things you should know about. Self-help for moms and dads! Very inspirational and informational. This book focuses in on what moms should do in virtually any situation. It is a must read that can be a big help in your day-to-day life. Use it as a reference when a subject comes up. Sort of like a Desk Reference for Moms."

Paul PAUL METSA, Singer/Songwriter and Author

"Paul Metsa is a Minneapolis songwriter who doesn't shy away from rocking out, who has a sharp ear for language, and who crafts melodies that express jazzy freedom as well as folk purity."

-- The Boston Phoenix

"For fans of Graham Parker or Bruce Springsteen-type singer/songwriters, Paul Metsa's Whistling Past the Graveyard should be of interest. Metsa writes intricate storytelling songs with complex lyrics and rich melodies that would do either of those artists justice, but Metsa is very much his own man."

-- Relix

TROY GLEESON, Playwright and Composer

"Canvas-Falcons: Live at the Orpheum is a musical story of American volunteers in World War 1. Featuring an original score, it is touching, humorous, and utterly unique."

-- Best Musical Award, New York International Independent Film & Video Festival

"Canvas-Falcons: Live at the Orpheum communicates the timeless essence of the tragedy of war in a sparse, elegant, deeply textured multimedia environment."

-- Cinema Without Borders


Eddy Challita always enjoyed movies, but it wasn't until he accompanied an actor friend to an audition in 2003-and inadvertently landed a small role in the DreamWorks film Head of State with Chris Rock and Bernie Mac-that the possibility of a film career became a reality.

Other roles followed, including appearances in xXx: State of the Union with Ice Cube and Samuel L. Jackson, and the hit TV series The West Wing, with Martin Sheen and Rob Lowe. Most recently, he worked with one of his favorite actors, Leonardo DiCaprio, in Body of Lies.
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